Jocelyn Wright

Jocelyn is a medical journalist with a special interest in women's and children's health.

Published Articles

TGA to re-examine clinical indications for prescription opioids

More than 700 Australians die every year from misuse.
20 September 2018

Brazilian butt lifts and cosmetic 'surgeons' are bad news, warns plastic surgeon who fixes botched operations

'A flaw in the legislation means any medical graduate can call themselves a cosmetic surgeon.'
19 September 2018

Patients pay attention when prescribed physical exercise

But there's a knack to managing the ones with heart disease.
18 September 2018

Say 'aah': One in four kids not referred for tonsillectomy

But they do receive antibiotics without clinical indication.
17 September 2018

Women face 6-month wait for colposcopy

The switch to a more sensitive cervical screening test is slowing investigations.
12 September 2018

Doctors call to abolish 'cruel' police checks for IVF couples

The checks are discriminatory and amount to criminal profiling, they say.
12 September 2018

Is flu vaccination responsible for this year's mild season?

/*-->*/ Figures for August are 13 times lower than last year.
10 September 2018

New cases of leprosy a cause for concern

Health authorities pushing to eradicate the disease nationwide.
07 September 2018

Patients say the funniest things to GPs

Real stories that might just tickle your funny bone.
06 September 2018

Universal Medicine leader sues over 'harmful cult' claims

The former client is defending herself on the grounds of truth and honest opinion.
05 September 2018