Kemal Atlay

Kemal Atlay


He previously worked for Telum Media and as a freelance science and health journalist.

Published Articles

GPs warned off quetiapine for anxiety

The drug is poorly tolerated when compared with placebo, study finds.
15 February 2019

'Christian group used exorcism to cure my sexuality'

Moves to outlaw conversion therapy are a step forward for gay rights, says psychologist.
15 February 2019

Clinic to bulk-bill all patients in flood-ravaged community

'GPs live and breathe their community; we reflect our community.'
13 February 2019

Asylum-seeker transfers: Can doctors really threaten national security?

ANALYSIS: Government ministers claim the reform would 'dismantle' border protection.
11 February 2019

Medivac bill would make doctors a threat to national security, warns govt

Dr Kerryn Phelps' bill is due to go before Parliament when it returns next week.
08 February 2019

Was the Pill's 21/7 regime really invented to please the Pope?

Critics say the Pill's 7-day break was designed to please the Pope. But are the claims true?
05 February 2019

Landmark study shakes long-held view on risks of suicide ideation

Questions raised about predicting a patient's risk of suicide from ideation alone.
04 February 2019

Vaping more effective than nicotine patches, but there's a catch

Patients trying to quit smoking reported more long-term success with one product, say UK researchers.
01 February 2019

The science is in: Aspirin for CVD primary prevention is out

Nevertheless, the practice is still widespread globally despite being controversial.
23 January 2019

Doctor claims police cover-up: After assaulting me, they took my phone and deleted the video evidence

Dr Kim Proudlove says she tried to help an injured man but officers stepped in, threw her to the ground and repeatedly punched her in the head.
22 January 2019