Lydia Hales

Published Articles

Pregnant pause: New twist in paracetamol–asthma link

Other factors at play since other analgesics show similar increases, authors speculate.
19 March 2019

FDA approval of ketamine spray signals 'major shift' in depression therapy

It is 'quite likely' the TGA will approve the drug to treat resistant depression in Australia, says psychiatrist.
15 March 2019

Blinded by 'science': How patients are fooled by CAM 'pathology' tests

Review finds 11 tests commonly ordered by CAM practitioners lack clinical validity and utility.
13 March 2019

Forget singing for supper, this town is singing for a GP

Residents in the small town are taking a creative approach to lure more doctors.
12 March 2019

GP registrars 'should not have to treat colleagues'

GPRA says 85% of registrars have been made to treat a colleague.
11 March 2019

International Women’s Day: We celebrate Australia's pioneering doctors

Australian Doctor recalls the contributions of inspiring women in medicine.
08 March 2019