Paul Smith

Paul Smith is editor of Australian Doctor. He has won multiple journalism awards and has twice been named Health Journalist of the Year by the National Press Club.

Published Articles

Survey: 80% of GPs often spend less than 40 minutes on care plans

Fewer than one in five respondents support the proposed new rule.
15 January 2019

Why the MBS Review report is so alarming for GPs

COMMENT: And where did they get that 40-minute figure?
10 January 2019

MBS Review: Draft blueprint for care plans revealed

Medicare task force releases long-awaited report on the future of GP MBS funding.
07 January 2019

GP's attack on complainant sparks AHPRA review of privacy safeguards

Victim was told her complaint would be expedited if her name was disclosed.
23 November 2018

Is GP antenatal shared care working? Take our survey

Australian Doctor is looking to gauge doctors' experiences with shared care.
20 November 2018

COAG suggests doctors disclose all negligence settlements to AHPRA

The AMA warns idea will destroy trust between doctors and their medical defence organisations.
12 November 2018

Doctor linked with alleged cult 'entitled to her private life and private views'

Doctor's lobby group defends senior member following Universal Medcine fallout
09 November 2018

Ethically vexed? Charlie Teo and crowdfunding for treatments of last resort

Comment: Public appeals for life-saving surgery are on the rise, but are they worth it?
01 November 2018

Revealed: the millions the MBS review taskforce is saving the government

Comment: The biggest investment has been to fund the task force itself.
25 October 2018

AHPRA lobby group distances itself from Universal Medicine

Dozens of health professionals are linked to the alternative organisation.
24 October 2018