News 27 April 2017 Michael Woodhead

One-hour test aims to improve hep C diagnosis

Hepatitis C treatment will be improved with a point-of-care test that can diagnose active infection within an hour, based on a fingerstick sample, NSW researchers say.
Medical Must See 22 April 2017 Sophie Attwood

Explosive antacid

When this woman drank baking soda to relieve her indigestion, she literally felt something "exploding inside of her". The 54-year-old ingested half a glass of sodium bicarbonate after a big meal and immediately experienced a stabbing pain in her upper abdomen, vomiting and diarrhoea.
News 31 March 2017 Jocelyn Wright

PPI use increases risk of C. diff infection

PPIs increase the risk of recurrent Clostridium difficile infection by more than half, according to a new meta-analysis. The JAMA study reviewed data from more than 7000 patients with C. difficile infection from 16 observational studies.
News 07 March 2017 Hugo Wilcken

GPs key to improving bowel screening uptake

People are much more likely to participate in the bowel cancer screening program if their GP talks to them about it, according to South Australian research.
News 17 February 2017 Hugo Wilcken

'Poo pill' paves the way for faecal transplants

US researchers have come up with a way of taking the 'ick' factor out of faecal transplants, which are remarkably effective in treating refractory Clostridium difficile infection.  
News 10 February 2017 Hugo Wilcken

Push to wean patients from PPIs

Patients discharged from hospital on PPIs are now being given a deprescribing plan to avoid inappropriate long-term use in a move backed by gastroenterologists.
News 13 January 2017 Hugo Wilcken

PPIs linked to infectious gastroenteritis

Doctors need to be aware of a higher risk of gastroenteritis when prescribing PPIs, say Australian researchers. Data from nearly 40,000 people in the 45 and Up study showed a 70% increased risk of hospitalisation for infectious gastroenteritis in people using PPIs.
Medical Must See 02 December 2016 Sophie Attwood

Watch out for wishbones

When a woman presented to doctors with left-sided abdominal pain, they mistakenly diagnosed her with diverticulitis, until a colonoscopy revealed a lucky break. The 75-year-old presented to a clinic in Serbia with a seven-day history of nausea, left iliac fossa pain and a mild fever.
News 09 November 2016 Michael Woodhead

'Some patients take 90 tablets of codeine-ibuprofen per day'

Dr Jacinta Johnson (PhD), a clinical pharmacist at Flinders Medical Centre, SA, explains her research findings on the misuse of OTC analgesics.
News 13 October 2016 Michael Woodhead

Still no way to diagnose pancreatic cancer early

The initial symptoms of pancreatic cancer are non-specific and give little or no guidance on the presence of the disease, a major UK study has confirmed.