News 18 October 2018 Antony Scholefield

Patients at risk of liver cancer flying under the radar

Fewer than half of patients with liver disease are under appropriate surveillance for hepatocellular carcinoma despite its rising incidence in Australia, a study shows.
News 20 September 2018 Antony Scholefield

Negative colonoscopy means FOBT can be delayed for four years

Patients with a negative colonoscopy may not need to have a faecal occult blood test (FOBT) for the next four years.
News 06 September 2018 Kemal Atlay

Concerns raised over genetic test interpretation

Genetic specialists are concerned that MBS funding for genetic tests for patients at high risk of breast and ovarian cancer may lead to patients being falsely reassured by negative results.
News 04 September 2018 Kemal Atlay

Early orchidopexy cuts testicular cancer risk

Doctors are being urged to recommend early corrective surgery for undescended testes following new evidence that the condition more than doubles the risk of later testicular cancer and fertility problems.
Specialist Update 31 August 2018 AAP

New guide launches on kids' cancer survival

Australia has produced the world's first national dataset on childhood cancer detection and survival rates in the hope it can help better inform medical researchers about earlier diagnosis and treatment.
News 03 August 2018 Geir O'Rourke

Hundreds of cancer patients dying due to radiotherapy shortfall

Lives are being cut short because radio­therapy is underused, with nearly half of eligible patients with cancer missing out, research suggests.
News 20 July 2018 Jocelyn Wright

Women with diabetes have elevated cancer risk

Patients with type 1 or 2 diabetes, particularly women, have a significantly elevated risk of developing cancer, according to a major review.
News 10 July 2018 Kemal Atlay

Allow GPs to refer for Medicare-funded CT colonography, say radiologists

Radiologists are calling for a revamp to allow GPs to refer patients for CT colonography (CTC) under Medicare in order to cut colonoscopy waiting lists.
News 09 July 2018 Amanda Davey

HPV vax used to cure skin cancer

A US dermatologist has successfully treated an elderly patient with extensive skin cancers by directly injecting an HPV vaccine into the tumours, according to JAMA Dermatology.
News 29 June 2018 Jocelyn Wright

Dense breasts: Call to follow WA system of notifying women

Australia’s breast cancer screening programs should move to the WA model where women are told if they have dense breasts on mammography, a leading patient advocate says.