News 22 May 2018 Geir O'Rourke

Ban drug reps from promoting opioids, coroner urges

Regulators should consider banning drug reps from promoting opioids to doctors as part of a multi-pronged strategy to tackle misuse, a coroner has recommended.
News 22 May 2018 Antony Scholefield

Patient demand puts flu vax supplies under pressure

GP practices may struggle to keep up stocks of flu vaccine with extra demand from patients affecting availability, health authorities say.
News 22 May 2018 Clare Pain

Pulse rates rise as GPs question draft heart failure guidelines

Doctors are warning that new cut-offs for diagnosing heart failure with reduced ejection fraction contained in draft guidelines could result in overtreatment. The RACGP says the plan will affect a large number of patients and it fears the potential harms have not been fully appraised.
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Most GPs got this spirometry question wrong – will you?

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Have your say about eczema treatment for a chance to WIN

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Who needs inhaled corticosteroids for COPD?

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News 21 May 2018

GPs have their say on the latest earnings data

SPECIAL REPORT- PART FOUR In part four of Australian Doctor's special report, we ask GPs around Australia for their thoughts on the latest earnings data.
News 21 May 2018

Find out how your earnings compare

SPECIAL REPORT: PART TWO New income data obtained by Australian Doctor show incomes falling across the specialty. The lowest-earning 25% of GPs — numbering about 7000 — are generating less than $74 an hour.
News 21 May 2018 Geir O'Rourke

GP earnings are sliding, exclusive data reveal

SPECIAL REPORT: PART ONE Data exclusively obtained by Australian Doctor shows earnings are falling across general practice.