News 20 September 2017 by Jocelyn Wright

HPV screening comfortably beats Pap tests

The superiority of HPV screening over Pap tests for detecting cervical changes has been confirmed ahead of the launch of the renewed cervical cancer screening program in December.
News 20 September 2017 by Michael Woodhead

Patients in denial about 200-tablet-per-week codeine habits

People who start taking OTC codeine analgesics for back pain and headaches are ending up in hospital with overdose-related toxicity after becoming dependent and taking almost 30 tablets daily, a review shows.
News 20 September 2017 by Rachel Worsley and AAP

Proposed euthanasia laws 'misguided, unethical and dangerous'

Senior AMA figures have lashed out at Victoria’s proposed euthanasia laws, dubbing legislation introduced to parliament on Wednesday “misguided, unethical and dangerous”.
20 September 2017 by Rachel Worsley

Controversial online clinic is now mailing out prescriptions

An online clinic that sparked controversy by offering and specialist referrals without face-to-face GP consultations has branched out again.
20 September 2017 by

Paediatric hip and knee pain

This How to Treat discusses paediatric hip and knee pain. Complete all three modules below to earn two category 2 points. This triennium ends on 31 December 2019.
News 20 September 2017 by Paul Smith

Board director takes physicians' college to court seeking evidence of alleged bullying

The Royal Australasian College of Physicians is facing legal action from one of its own board directors who claims he is being denied access to documents allegedly detailing bullying and potential financial impropriety within the organisation.
News 19 September 2017 by Rachel Worsley

Health ministers unveil vision for mandatory reporting

Health ministers have unveiled their vision to soften so-called 'mandatory reporting' laws that make it compulsory for doctors to blow the whistle on impaired colleagues under their care.
19 September 2017 by Jocelyn Wright

As cases soar, RACGP wants free flu vaccinations for all

The RACGP is calling for the $10 influenza vaccination to be made free for all Australians as the number of cases and deaths continue to climb.
News 19 September 2017 by Rachel Worsley

Call to restrict GP fentanyl prescribing

Pain experts are calling for tighter restrictions on GP prescribing of transdermal fentanyl, claiming the dangers of the innocuous-looking patches are poorly understood.
News 19 September 2017 by Antony Scholefield

After years of sweet talk, is it finally time for a sugar tax?

NEWS REVIEW On Tuesday, the Federal Government again applied its verbal blowtorch to fresh calls for a 20% tax on sugary drinks. The proposal was drawn up by a coalition of health and community groups which want urgent action to tackle the increasing nu