News 17 November 2017 by Jocelyn Wright

Breast cancer recurrence risk lingers for years after treatment

The risk of breast cancer recurrence remains considerable in women after completing the standard five years of endocrine therapy, a review has found.
News 17 November 2017 by Geir O'Rourke

Big hike in mandatory notifications to AHPRA

Mandatory reporting of health practitioners has risen a third in just 12 months, with more than 82% of mandatory notifications targeting doctors or nurses.
News 17 November 2017 by Sophie Attwood

Medical Must-See: What caused this man's 'Popeye' arm?

This swelling is not symptomatic of the patient’s penchant for leafy greens, nor is it a sign of super strength, but it is named after the cartoon sailor’s bulging biceps. In fact, this condition, known as the ‘Popeye’ sign, is actually caused by weakness in the shoulder joint.
News 17 November 2017 by Rachel Worsley

Row over medical student selection: Read medical dean’s comments in full

The mental health of doctors is one of the biggest issues in medicine.
News 17 November 2017 by Geir O'Rourke

Shaky start for Health Care Homes

The first month of Health Care Homes has been plagued with registration delays and IT malfunctions, but patients are starting to “get it”, says a GP involved in the program.
News 16 November 2017 by Antony Scholefield

Data suggests GPs are wasting their time with My Health Record

GPs are largely wasting their time uploading and updating thousands of shared health summaries in My Health Record, alarming new figures suggest. In August this year GPs uploaded and updated about 70,000 shared health summaries, according to the Australian Digital Health Agency.
News 16 November 2017 by Jocelyn Wright

Call for GPs to review hospital-initiated antibiotics

Most post-surgical antibiotic prescribing is inappropriate and should be re-assessed by GPs, say advocates for antimicrobial stewardship.
News 16 November 2017 by Geir O'Rourke

After-hours corporate to take 10,000 patients to Dreamworld

An after-hours corporate is taking 10,000 patients to the Dreamworld theme park as part of a $195,000 promotion of its services.
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Erectile dysfunction: 3 things GPs get wrong

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