The surprising truth about 45% of your asthma patients

What you can do to fix the treatment gap



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About 45% of people with asthma have uncontrolled symptoms and for nearly one in five asthma patients, symptoms remain uncontrolled despite regular use of preventers, Australian real-world data shows.1

But how do you identify patients who still have symptoms? And what can you do to bridge the gap between optimal asthma control and actual control?


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SPIRIVA® RESPIMAT® (tiotropium bromide) solution for inhalation. INDICATIONS: COPD: Long term maintenance treatment of bronchospasm and dyspnoea associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Prevention of COPD exacerbations. Asthma: Add-on maintenance bronchodilator treatment in adult patients with asthma, currently treated with the maintenance combination of inhaled corticosteroids (≥800 µg budesonide/day or equivalent) and long-acting ß2 agonists and who experienced one or more severe exacerbations in the previous year. CONTRAINDICATIONS: Hypersensitivity to tiotropium bromide, atropine or its derivatives, or to any of the excipients. PRECAUTIONS: Should not be used for: treatment of acute episodes of bronchospasm, relief of acute symptoms, first-line treatment for asthma. Immediate hypersensitivity reactions, narrow-angle glaucoma, prostatic hyperplasia, bladder-neck obstruction, urinary retention, micturition difficulties, dry mouth, inhalation-induced bronchospasm, recent myocardial infarction (<6 months), unstable or life-threatening cardiac arrhythmia within past year, hospitalisation for heart failure within past year, moderate to severe renal impairment (CrCl ≤ 50 mL/min), pregnancy, lactation, children. Avoid solution or mist entering eyes. INTERACTIONS: Co-administration with anticholinergic drugs. ADVERSE EFFECTS: Common: Dry mouth, usually mild. Others, see full PI. DOSAGE: For oral inhalation. 5 µg tiotropium given as two puffs once daily, at the same time each day. Do not exceed recommended dose. Cartridges to be used only with RESPIMAT inhaler. July 2015.

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