Published Articles

Headspace admits it has a GP problem

The youth mental health provider has acknowledged it is struggling to recruit and retain doctors.
18 March 2019

My Health Record: Hunt announces review of teen privacy settings

But the proposed changes will put children with serious health disorders at risk, say GPs.
07 November 2018

Meningococcal vaccine will soon be free for teenagers nationwide

More than a million teens are tipped to get the vax in the next four years, amid a new high in meningococcal fatalities.
25 September 2018

Green light for Gardasil change

A two-dose schedule of Gardasil 9 vaccine has been recommended for the National HPV Vaccination Program.
21 August 2017

'Nothing scary' about school consults, GPs assure doubters

There are claims the Victorian initiative erodes parents’ right to know what is happening to their children.
17 August 2017

Why dermatologists are at odds with research on isotretinoin and depression

Systematic reviews says there's no link. Eight in 10 dermatologists disagree.
21 July 2017

A note on our coverage of Headspace handover letter

On Thursday we withdrew from our website an article about a GP's concerns over Headspace and inadequate clinical handover.
13 July 2017

Double dose fix for Hep B vax shortage

A double dose of paediatric Hep B vaccine is now being recommended to address the worsening shortage of adult hepatitis B vaccine on the private market.
30 June 2017

GP antidepressant prescribing for the young up

A rise in GP prescribing of inappropriate antidepressants for young people is cause for concern, researchers say.
16 June 2017