Published Articles

After-hours providers bail out as reforms kick in

Australia’s biggest after-hours provider is set to withdraw from four cities as rebate cuts and new rules take effect across the sector.
01 March 2018

Revealed: Handful of doctors claim sizeable slice of the 'urgent' after-hours pie

A group of 450 doctors are responsible for billing 60% of urgent after hours call outs generating around $130 million in Medicare rebates, new figures show.
23 February 2018

PSR investigation nets more after-hours doctors

The hunt continues.
03 November 2017

Is after hours really doomed? Your questions answered

Following the MBS Taskforce's recommendations, a look at the winners, the losers, and what happens next.
23 October 2017

Seeing through the heat and smoke around after-hours

There's plenty happening behind the scenes.
22 September 2017