Published Articles

After-hours GP corporates struggling to recruit doctors

The corporates' headaches will only get worse in the new year, says NAMDS president.
10 December 2018

Health minister plans to abandon next round of after-hours cuts

Greg Hunt likely to put off another reduction in after-hours rebates for at least a year.
15 October 2018

Has it finally arrived? The GP Uber consult

After years of fevered warnings about the Uberisation of general practice, it seems that it has finally arrived on Australian shores
09 August 2018

Triple zero callers can be referred direct to after-hours GP service

Patients with minor health problems will be transferred directly
30 July 2018

After-hours GP claimed 'urgent' rebates for treating sore throats

An after-hours doctor will have to pay back more than $384,000 in rebates after claiming ‘urgent’ MBS items for treating blocked noses, sore throats and coughs
15 June 2018

The after-hours GP boom has well and truly busted

The boom in after-hours general practice is well and truly over, just one month after the Federal Government imposed a gamut of new rules and funding cuts across the sector.
18 May 2018

Outcry over clause banning after-hours deputisers from prescribing

After-hours deputisers will be barred from writing new scripts without the permission of a patient's regular GP, prompting calls for an urgent rewrite.
09 February 2018