Published Articles

Skin patch for kids with peanut allergy shows promise

But trial results failed to meet a statistical element of the primary outcome, say researchers.
25 February 2019

EpiPen shortage officially over: TGA

Supply issues with the device have finally been resolved after a nine-month national shortage.
24 January 2019

Parents testing infant allergies in doctors' car parks

Changing advice on feeding might be adding to parental concerns.
17 January 2019

Australia's allergen monitoring not up to scratch in the face of climate change

The nation is highly vulnerable to more thunderstorm asthma events and needs better equipment to track allergens, says researcher.
07 December 2018

Oral immunotherapy could provide 'safety net' for kids with peanut allergy

Children and adolescents were able to build up their tolerance to peanut protein, say researchers.
21 November 2018

Second species of tick linked to meat allergy

There's a distinctly Australian flavour to this problem: expert
28 August 2018

Early antacids links to atopy

Urbanisation and antibiotic use are also driving allergic conditions.
17 August 2018

Another reason to confirm or rule out penicillin allergy

Patients labelled with a penicillin allergy are at a significantly increased risk of MRSA and Clostridium difficile, according to new research
03 July 2018