Published Articles

Most new chiro patients want treatment for headache

But some patients with secondary pain risk 'serious consequences' if they're not properly diagnosed, study says.
25 October 2018

Govt gives Headspace $30m for further expansion

Headspace will be paid to enter classrooms and teachers will be trained to identify mental illness among their students, as part of a $110 million package to equip schools in the fight against youth depression and anxiety.
08 January 2018

Pharmacies face ban on selling homeopathic products

Pharmacies dispensing PBS medicines should be banned from selling homeopathic products, says a major Federal Government review.
23 June 2017

Skype rehab is the answer to knee pain

Skype sessions with physiotherapists can dramatically improve pain and function in knee osteoarthritis.
23 February 2017

Chiros concerned GPs turning against them

Chiropractors are worried that GPs might have turned against their profession after being influenced by “highly emotive” comments by senior doctors and scientists.
29 November 2016

Deluge of chiro complaints flood AHPRA

Anti-quack campaigners have triggered a 400% increase in complaints about chiropractors.
15 November 2016

Paramedics to be registered by AHPRA

Paramedics will need to register with AHPRA from as early as next year, after health ministers moved to improve patient safety.
10 October 2016

GPs shunned for care of mild low back pain

Women visit a variety of practitioners for low back pain and only turn to their GP when the pain is severe and chronic, Australian research shows.
22 September 2016

Chiros warned not to 'correct' breech pregnancies

Chiropractors are offering to correct breech pregnancies by manipulating the pelvis in the face of warnings from obstetricians.
19 September 2016