Published Articles

Why the MBS Review report is so alarming for GPs

COMMENT: And where did they get that 40-minute figure?
10 January 2019

New advice to improve hospital-GP communication

Current efforts are inconsistent and too often fail to meet best practice, says AMA president.
18 December 2018

Dr Kerryn Phelps pays tribute to general practice in her maiden speech

Former AMA president will 'draw on her experience and skills as a doctor' in parliament.
27 November 2018

Warning over plan to ban surgical assistant rebates

The MBS review wants assistants to bill surgeons directly for their work in an operation.
03 October 2018

AMA threatens to walk over mishandling of PIP incentives

'We estimate that new funding of around $44 million per annum is required.'
27 September 2018

AMA 'monumentally' wrong to back My Health Record: Professor Kerryn Phelps

The AMA and RACGP’s public support for My Health Record has been a monumentally bad idea, says former AMA president Dr Kerryn Phelps
09 August 2018

GPs demand review of My Health Record privacy protection

Doctors are demanding that patients' clinical information held by the My Health Record system are given the same legal protection as those records held by doctors
26 July 2018

Could a spoonful of sugar help the obesity go down?

A mandatory sugar rating system based on teaspoons is one of the government’s latest proposals for tackling obesity and has received backing from public health advocates.
12 July 2018

Taxpayers covering compo payouts for non-doctors due to bureaucratic bungle

Millions of dollars have potentially been squandered covering compensation payouts to nurses, pharmacists and other non-doctors after they were inadvertently included in the High Cost Claims Scheme
02 July 2018

AMA ethics chief warns against 'growing interest' in GP dispensing

GPs must avoid a “race to the bottom” with pharmacists and stand against doctors dispensing for profit, the AMA’s ethics chief says
27 June 2018