Published Articles

App beats eyeball test for newborn jaundice: study

A new app could transform neonatal screening for jaundice by allowing GPs to accurately estimate a newborn’s bilirubin levels using phone camera images.
01 September 2017

Is it pneumonia? Now there’s an app for that

A smartphone app that listens to the sound of child’s coughs might assist in diagnosis of respiratory infections and help curb antibiotic use, researchers say.
17 May 2017

Parents warned not to use smartphone baby monitors

Paediatricians are warning parents against using smartphone apps that monitor a sleeping infant's vital signs aimed at preventing SIDS.
26 January 2017

Most patients using home BP devices incorrectly

An Italian study on home BP monitoring reveals that almost 90% of patients given BP wrist monitors were using them incorrectly and getting inaccurate readings.
04 October 2016

GP desktops to display drug compliance info from patient's app

GP will be able to view individual patient drug compliance information on their desktops via a new function on the patient-held MedAdvisor app.
30 March 2016

Sydney doctors receive radiology reports via phone app

Doctors at a Sydney hospital are believed to be the first in the country to receive secure radiology results via an app on their smartphones.
29 February 2016

Doubts over accuracy of home BP monitors and FitBit

Automated blood pressure monitors marketed for home use may have errors as great as 6mmHg, a new study says.
13 January 2016

One in three baby foods high in sugar: study

Many foods marketed for babies and toddlers are full of sugar, setting children up for a lifetime of poor dietary habits and obesity, nutritionists warn.
23 July 2015

Good Samaritan app puts GPs at legal risk

GPs signed up to a good Samaritan app that crowdsources live-saving CPR aid could face legal action if they ignore alerts from the device, a medicolegal expert warns.
06 March 2015

GP 'Uber' app offers video consults

In what it is being described as the medical equivalent to taxi app Uber, private health insurers in Ireland are offering their members GP consults by smartphone.
28 February 2015