Published Articles

Asthma guidelines overhaul: No meds for infants

'Vast majority of wheezing illness in infants is not due to asthma.'
11 March 2019

Are asthma and ADHD linked?

If so, it could confirm a common inflammatory pathogenesis
07 August 2018

Asthma medication montelukast to carry new safety warning

Additional safety warnings will be included in montelukast (Singulair) packaging after being linked to suicidal ideation and depression in children
13 July 2018

Combination inhalers face tighter restrictions

Prescriptions for fixed-dose combination inhalers to treat asthma and COPD may soon require streamlined authority codes
13 June 2018

Reliever inhalers linked to poor asthma control

Over-reliance on reliever inhalers is a key factor in poor asthma control and patients needing hospital treatment, an Australian study shows.
17 October 2017