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Most cases of low-back pain seen by GPs won't be cured

Only a small proportion of primary care low-back pain presentations harbour specific, serious pathology, according to a report decrying the growing medicalisation of the complaint.
23 March 2018

The outdated belief that is prolonging back pain

Many patients languish with persistent lower back pain because they are encouraged to believe their condition is due to an irreversible mechanical defect, Australian researchers say.
28 November 2017

Medicare a barrier to back pain recovery

Medicare rebates are out of sync with best practice guidelines for low back pain, making it difficult for patients to access recommended treatments, Australian experts say.
14 November 2017

Patients in denial about 200-tablet-per-week codeine habits

People who start taking OTC codeine analgesics for back pain and headaches are ending up in hospital after taking almost 30 tablets daily, a major review shows.
20 September 2017