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Turnbull Government to 'honour' pledge to freeze Medicare rebate

A senior federal minister has watered down hopes the new Turnbull Government will ditch its Medicare freeze policy after its poor showing in the election.
14 July 2016

Pharmacy warfarin bid wins GP support

Pharmacists have launched a bid for the right to monitor and adjust warfarin therapy in Australia ­— a move backed in principle by the RACGP.
04 February 2013

General practices hit by telehealth funding cuts

Hundreds of general practices will be hit by the $130 million cuts to telehealth Medicare funding which were introduced this week.
03 January 2013

GPs in line for indemnity fee hike

Hundreds of GPs will face another hike in indemnity fees next year as the government continues to scale back the premium support scheme.
23 October 2012

Telehealth cuts help fund dental reform

The Federal Government is paring back investment in telehealth services, announcing $160 million in cuts to video conferencing initiatives on Monday.
22 October 2012

Six ways to reduce health waste

Slashing Medicare cash from dentistry or mental health? Here's another way to save millions from the budget.
12 October 2012

Govt to review rural classification system

The rural incentive classification system is to be reviewed by the Govt following a long campaign by GPs who say it doesn't reward small town doctors fairly.
14 August 2012

Call to delay cuts to e-health PIP

The AMA is urging the Government to hold fire on cuts to e-health PIP for two years to allow GPs time to revamp their IT systems to meet PCEHR requirements.
21 June 2012

Nurse freeze will harm mental health patients

Mentally ill patients will be denied access to skilled nurses in primary care following the Government's decision to freeze funding of a nurse program, GPs say.
30 May 2012

Medicare Locals will go, pledges Opposition

The Federal Opposition has repeated its pledge to pull the plug on Medicare Locals, warning they are an "unnecessary bureaucracy".
25 May 2012