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'A bit boring' — life as a GP on the after-hours helpline

GPs who staffed the national after-hours hotline say they enjoyed working in their PJs, but hated that the rest of the profession thought they were not ‘real’ doctors.
28 April 2016

Patients to get just $40 a year under Turnbull's dental plan

Children and patients on low incomes will get just $40 a year for dental treatment under the Federal Government's “smoke and mirrors” dental scheme, it has been claimed.
27 April 2016

PBS delisting hits iron tablets for Aboriginal patients

Aboriginal patients no longer have PBS access to iron and folic acid tablets as an unintended consequence of the government’s delisting of some over-the-counter medications, the RACGP says.
21 April 2016

After-hours boom easing ED presentations, says deputising service

A national after-hours deputising service claims it has proof the boom in home visits is easing pressure on EDs.
07 April 2016

Medicare cheques to patients will be killed off in July

Practices are being urged to tell patients about the end of Medicare cheques, which will be killed off in July.
18 March 2016

Parents face debt collectors under 'no jab, no pay' policy

Families may face debt collectors if they do not meet a catch-up vaccination deadline of Friday 18 March under the 'no jab, no pay' scheme, ministers have warned.
11 March 2016

Call for 'no jab, no pay' GP funding boost

A leading immunisation expert is calling for savings from the 'no jab, no pay' policy to be funnelled back to primary care to pay for the extra workload.
20 February 2016

Congenital syphilis deaths spark calls for funding

Six infant deaths from congenital syphilis have spurred doctors to call for a reversal of funding cuts to sexual health programs in northern Australia.
11 February 2016

How much is Sussan Ley spending on GP care?

The cash spent by the Federal Government on GP care for each Australian rose by $10 last year — despite ministerial claims future funding is unsustainable.
04 February 2016

Cuts to pathology sexist, say opponents

Federal Government cuts to pathology that could result in $30 Pap tests have been branded sexist and a disaster for women’s health by opponents.
04 February 2016