Published Articles

Public warned to stop judging patients with lung cancer

Patients with lung cancer are four times more likely to take their own lives.
21 January 2019

Fake news: Aussie media 'misleading public' about sun safety

Readers often given unsafe sun exposure advice and encouraged to abandon sun safety practices, researchers say.
08 January 2019

Increase in anal cancer in women 'dramatic': sexual health expert

It may be linked to changes in sexual behaviour, says Professor Hillman.
02 November 2018

One in five lung cancer patients miss out on treatment: report

The Lung Foundation Australia says delays in diagnosis are resulting in poorer outcomes.
26 October 2018

GP banned from offering experimental 'hyperthermia treatment'

Health ombudsman uses emergency powers to shut down the trial therapy.
23 October 2018

Patients at risk of liver cancer flying under the radar

Rise in hepatocellular carcinoma prompts calls for widespread screening.
18 October 2018

Rest assured, the modern pill still cuts ovarian cancer risk

And the effect persists for several years after stopping.
04 October 2018

Hospitals told to deliver better colonoscopy feedback for GPs

Calls for information on all histological findings and recommended follow-up.
10 September 2018

Early orchidopexy cuts testicular cancer risk

Boys with undescended testes are more than twice as likely to develop the disease.
04 September 2018

Quantified: The risk of cancer with postmenopausal bleeding

Review underscores the need for early investigation, says Aussie expert.
14 August 2018