Published Articles

Heart Foundation responds to GP criticism of new heart check item

Absolute CV risk assessments 'poorly implemented' in primary care.
07 March 2019

Caution urged over GP tool to assess aspirin bleed risk

It shouldn't automatically trigger a move towards using aspirin for primary prevention, says expert.
05 March 2019

Coroner blames IT system for VTE death

The system, eMeds, is used widely in NSW hospitals.
04 March 2019

'Game-changer': $35m push to develop Strep A vax

The money will help accelerate one of four vaccine candidates.
27 February 2019

ARBs to be tested over contamination concerns

The move from the TGA follows the withdrawal of two valsartan brands last year.
27 February 2019

Govt promises to fund GP 'heart health' checks

The idea has bipartisan support despite being rejected by an MBS review committee.
25 February 2019

Revealed: how your gender influences prescribing patterns

The PBS listing of NOACs gave researchers the chance to find out.
11 February 2019

How APoB levels may change the way we predict CHD

Study suggests measuring the levels may be superior to testing for cholesterol.
11 February 2019

The science is in: Aspirin for CVD primary prevention is out

Nevertheless, the practice is still widespread globally despite being controversial.
23 January 2019

Patients missing out on vital statins after acute coronary syndrome

Intensive lipid-lowering therapy could reduce their risk of another event, say researchers.
27 November 2018