Published Articles

Patients missing out on vital statins after acute coronary syndrome

Intensive lipid-lowering therapy could reduce their risk of another event, say researchers.
27 November 2018

Mylan's valsartan tablets recalled over impurities

But the TGA says the greater risk is patients suddenly stopping the drug.
26 November 2018

Bleed risk 'outweighs benefits of aspirin' in prevention of CV events

The best strategy may be to simply prescribe a statin instead, says researcher.
23 October 2018

Concerns patients will misinterpret ASPREE trial results and ditch aspirin

Plea to doctors: Ensure your patients understand whether the study findings are applicable to them or not.
25 September 2018

Patients pay attention when prescribed physical exercise

But there's a knack to managing the ones with heart disease.
18 September 2018

Low-dose aspirin no help for CVD in healthy seniors

No major protective effect but there is increased risk of bleeding.
17 September 2018

Even moderately high LDL raises later risks, study shows

The findings may support early statin therapy in some young people, cardiologists say
29 August 2018

Type 1 diabetes diagnosis under age 10 linked to shorter life expectancy

Women fare worse than men, with a loss of nearly 18 years of life.
23 August 2018

Biologics for arthritis may reduce patients' CV risk

The therapy's benefit might be due to its anti-inflammatory properties, study suggests.
21 August 2018