Published Articles

HPV vaccine no riskier than placebo, according to largest review yet

 HPV vaccination confers no more risk of serious side effects than placebo, say Cochrane reviewers who condemn continuing scaremongering over the jab. 
09 May 2018

Key component of new cervical screening program kicks off, after delay

The self-sampling HPV screening test is now available, six weeks after the start of the new national cervical screening program.
15 January 2018

It's goodbye to Pap smears as HPV screening kicks off

Pap smears have become history, with Australia today making a historic change to an HPV-based cervical screening pathway
30 November 2017

Key element of new cervical screening program dropped at last minute

Plans for women to be offered self-collection HPV tests under the renewed cervical screening program have been dropped at the last minute because labs are not accredited to process the tests.
29 November 2017

New cervical screening program will reduce surgery

The switch to HPV-based cervical screening in December will reduce a woman’s lifetime risk of cervical surgery compared with the current Pap test program, cancer researchers say.
26 October 2017