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UK's top GP resigns after trolling doctors online

Devil's Advocate: British doctor says he posted the comments to challenge negative views.
15 August 2018

Watch: Health department video tries to explain the Health Care Home policy

Explaining to patients exactly why they should sign up to Health Care Homes could be hardest part.
11 January 2018

National survey shows some GPs are more loved than others

GPs rate very highly with patients when it comes to taking time to listen and being respectful, but there are some regional variations.
09 June 2017

The five words doctors should avoid

Doctors are familiar with the Choosing Wisely list of treatments they should not do – now they are being offered a list of words they should not say.
16 May 2017

GP calls on peers to write better antenatal referrals

A hospital GP liasion officer is pleading with her primary care colleagues to improve their referral letters for pregnant women.
18 March 2017

MBS item overhaul results in skin cancer care chaos

Angry GPs have slammed the Department of Health for failing to notify them of a radical overhaul of MBS items for skin cancer.
24 November 2016

How close are you to your smartphone?

Australian Doctor would like to know how many of our readers use messaging apps, such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. Take our poll.
18 November 2016