Blinded by 'science': How patients are fooled by CAM 'pathology' tests

Review finds 11 tests commonly ordered by CAM practitioners lack clinical validity and utility.
13 March 2019

Mindfulness is effective for chronic pain, studies show

It was on par with CBT for physical functioning and pain intensity.
12 February 2019

Legal action against clinic selling peptides direct to public

It's alleged the Sydney clinic promoted the treatment for a range of serious conditions, including anxiety and depression.
18 December 2018

TGA scoops 'dishonourable mention' in national quackery awards

The regulatory body's now-notorious list of complementary medicine indications was deemed worthy of recognition.
15 October 2018

Universal Medicine leader sues over 'harmful cult' claims

The former client is defending herself on the grounds of truth and honest opinion.
05 September 2018

'Healer' told cancer patient to reject surgery and use black salve

He has been banned from providing health services
09 August 2018