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Published Articles

Supplement no help in arthritis: study

Green lipped mussel supplements provide no benefit in arthritis, a trial shows.
29 August 2017

Early death for cancer patients who reject conventional medicine

Patients with cancer who choose to be treated with alternative medicine alone are more than twice as likely to die as those undergoing conventional treatments, an observational study shows.
14 August 2017

Platelet-rich plasma: Don't believe the hype

Athletes and celebrities should not be hyping platelet-rich plasma injections for wound healing and rejuvenation, researchers say.
12 August 2017

GPs and nurses top ethics rankings (while natural health companies languish)

It seems there is much community scepticism about natural health companies and their trade.
11 August 2017

Placenta pills blamed for infant sepsis

A case of late-onset group B streptococcus (GBS) infection in an infant has prompted a warning against consuming human placenta.
07 July 2017

Pharmacists urged to blow whistle on CAM tactics

Pharmacists across Australia are being urged to reveal the dodgy retail tactics used to sell unproven or ineffective complementary medicines.
15 June 2017

Specialist reprimanded for ‘esoteric’ referrals

The thoracic specialist referred a patient for chakra puncture, lung massage and spiritual healing.
02 June 2017

Cranberry supplement study marks start of CSIRO-Swisse deal

A study into whether cranberry supplements prevent recurrent UTIs will be the first trial under a controversial partnership between the government’s top research agency and a complementary medicine manufacturer.
26 May 2017

8 reasons for GPs to grill patients about alternative therapies

Parents are using alternative practitioners as a parallel health service for their children without without telling their GP, new research shows.
09 May 2017