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Chiros banned from performing spinal manipulation on kids under two

The chiropractic board's interim policy is 'designed to protect the public' until the results of an inquiry are released.
15 March 2019

What exactly is chiropractic paediatric spinal manipulation used to treat?

ANALYSIS: Australian Doctor goes looking for answers ... without much luck.
14 March 2019

Ministers weigh legal ban on spinal manipulation in kids

The move follows public outcry over Melbourne chiropractor filmed dangling newborn by its ankles.
11 March 2019

Baby videos, chiros, docs and why AHPRA is struggling

COMMENT: The system works on peer review, meaning chiros are judging chiros, writes Australian Doctor editor Paul Smith.
25 February 2019

'Baby video' chiro banned from treating kids while under investigation

But the RACGP is calling for a ban on any paediatric spinal manipulation.
22 February 2019

Chiro under investigation over 'disturbing' baby video

The video shows the chiropractor dangling the two-week-old baby upside-down.
20 February 2019

Pharmacists advised to 'choose wisely' when it comes to CAM

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia has issued six 'do not dos'.
13 December 2018

Chiro crackdown: New move to combat misleading ads

The Chiropractors Board of Australia will force its members to complete an advertising compliance declaration at registration renewal.
13 November 2018

Dr Charlie Teo to trial medical cannabis on patients with brain cancer

Complementary medicine researchers will compare high- and low-dose THC.
29 October 2018

AHPRA lobby group distances itself from Universal Medicine

Dozens of health professionals are linked to the alternative organisation.
24 October 2018