Published Articles

Pharmacists advised to 'choose wisely' when it comes to CAM

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia has issued six 'do not dos'.
13 December 2018

Chiro crackdown: New move to combat misleading ads

The Chiropractors Board of Australia will force its members to complete an advertising compliance declaration at registration renewal.
13 November 2018

Dr Charlie Teo to trial medical cannabis on patients with brain cancer

Complementary medicine researchers will compare high- and low-dose THC.
29 October 2018

AHPRA lobby group distances itself from Universal Medicine

Dozens of health professionals are linked to the alternative organisation.
24 October 2018

Jury declares Universal Medicine leader an exploitative charlatan

Vast majority of accusations made against Serge Benhayon 'are justified'.
16 October 2018

Midwives encourage training on turning breech using mugwort

But critics say its support of unproven therapies is a return to the dark ages
31 August 2018

10 bad pharmacy products revealed

Bad medicine: Choice names and shames the products that nobody needs.
14 August 2018

Medical cannabis 'safe' for severe childhood epilepsy

A small but significant group had a notable reduction in their seizures, Australian study shows.
14 August 2018

Calls for RACGP to review CPD points for cannabis event

The RACGP is being urged to review its decision to award 40 CPD points to a cannabis education event headlined by a US doctor who uses the drug to treat cancer
01 August 2018

High-profile GP cautioned over rehydration clinic scripts

A well-known GP and philanthropist has been cautioned after writing scripts to stock a pharmacist-run ‘rehydration clinic’ for HIV patients.
18 July 2018