Published Articles

Plastic surgeons call for ban on 'cosmetic surgeon' label

It comes as Supreme Court allows class action against major cosmetic corporate.
11 December 2018

'Peddlers of porn': plastic surgeons slammed over images of women

In response, those in the industry say poor self-image predates social media.
26 November 2018

Call to make GP sign-off compulsory for cosmetic procedures

A NSW inquiry wants the idea considered for the whole country.
22 November 2018

Brazilian butt lifts and cosmetic 'surgeons' are bad news, warns plastic surgeon who fixes botched operations

'A flaw in the legislation means any medical graduate can call themselves a cosmetic surgeon.'
19 September 2018

About-face: Change to long-standing advice on acne drug

Patients taking oral isotretinoin do not need to avoid laser hair removal or other non-invasive skin treatments, according to new guidance
31 July 2018

Doctor fined $100k for practising while suspended

A doctor suspended for misconduct has been fined $100,000 for continuing to practise at a cosmetic clinic.
02 February 2018

Review could make 'cosmetic surgeon' a protected title

Doctors could be banned from using the term ‘cosmetic surgeon’ unless they are qualified specialist surgeons, as health ministers call for another crackdown on the cosmetic industry.
06 November 2017

Platelet-rich plasma: Don't believe the hype

Athletes and celebrities should not be hyping platelet-rich plasma injections for wound healing and rejuvenation, researchers say.
12 August 2017

Expect more breast implant-related cancers, surgeons warn

One in 4000 women who have breast implants may develop lymphoma and the long development time means that more cases should be expected in Australia, a new analysis shows.
11 May 2017