Published Articles

Doctor charged with rape allowed to keep practising

He was suspended over the alleged removal of a condom during initially consensual sex.
15 March 2019

Universal Medicine lawyers could face ombudsman over 'demeaning' letter

The timing of the letter seemed to intentionally coincide with their opponent's father's funeral, a judge said.
01 March 2019

GP found dead after sexual assault charges

He was due in court in March to face more than 20 charges.
18 February 2019

Federal Court threatens GP's 24/7 pharmacy dreams

Judge pans Greg Hunt's 'intellectual engagement' on the issue, creating a legal headache for the clinic.
31 January 2019

Plastic surgeons call for ban on 'cosmetic surgeon' label

It comes as Supreme Court allows class action against major cosmetic corporate.
11 December 2018

Refugee kids receive cash settlements over poor healthcare in detention

The government failed to protect the siblings from psychiatric harm, says family.
05 December 2018

'Missed opportunities': GPs criticised after teen suicide

No detailed history was taken despite 17 conversations with doctors in nine weeks.
04 December 2018

GP prescribed risperidone to patient before negotiating car sale

He was reprimanded for the 'serious error of judgement'.
30 November 2018

GP's attack on complainant sparks AHPRA review of privacy safeguards

Victim was told her complaint would be expedited if her name was disclosed.
23 November 2018

Lonely GP jailed for attempted murder of pharmacist

The judge found the filleting knife was 'plainly a lethal weapon'.
16 November 2018