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Exclusive: PLAN is now voluntary after GP backlash

The RACGP council has bowed to pressure from its members and voted to reform its CPD program.
13 September 2018

PLAN for change: new CPD requirements likely to become voluntary

The RACGP’s decision to force doctors to undergo the controversial PLAN CPD activity is likely to be reversed after the college’s presidential elections next month
21 June 2018

Skeleton taken hostage after thieves raid orthopod exhibition

A skeleton called Clarence stolen from an Adelaide orthopaedics exhibition has apparently gone to ground
01 December 2017

Will you benefit from doing the college's PLAN activity?

Under a revamp of the RACGP's QI&CPD program, all GPs will have to undergo a self reflection activity from next year. Do you think it will help you plan your learning needs? Take our poll.
30 November 2016

No need for mandatory self-reflection, doctors say

The majority of doctors already self-reflect on their practice at least once a week, according to a Medical Board of Australia survey that will inform the upcoming national revalidation scheme.
12 November 2016