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Funeral parlour offers cash bonus to GPs who refer on terminally ill patients

The business says it will pay $300 for every lead that results in a burial or cremation.
15 February 2019

Call to scrap 'undignified' GP identity check rule when patients die

It comes after a deceased patient was examined in a practice carpark for an hour.
30 November 2018

How death doulas deal with our deepest fears

Advocates say they are filling a vital gap in palliative care services, but with no accredited training, they are also controversial.
09 November 2018

OK computer: is it ethical to allow AI to determine when patients should die?

An algorithm analysing Facebook can outperform a spouse in predicting a person's personality trait, say researchers.
04 October 2018

The 9 steps doctors must take to help a patient die

Victoria's voluntary assisted dying laws come into effect next year.
03 October 2018

Exclusive: Dr Alida Lancee explains how she came to the decision that may land her in jail

'Feeling sympathy for someone's suffering without action amounts to nothing.'
26 September 2018

GP risks murder charge to publicly name patient she helped die

'I'm not wimping out now. I'm going to take this all the way,' says Dr Alida Lancee.
24 September 2018

A look back at 2017: The year of loud and quiet health reforms

It’s that time of year again when we look back at all that’s happened in general practice and the wider world of Australian medicine.
20 December 2017

8% of nursing home deaths are a result of choking

A concerning number of premature deaths in Australian nursing homes are due to external causes including choking, according to a landmark study.
30 May 2017

Assisted dying laws to get conscience vote in NSW

It comes mere months after a similar bill was defeated in SA by a single vote.
17 May 2017