Published Articles

Early antacids links to atopy

Urbanisation and antibiotic use are also driving allergic conditions.
17 August 2018

The no-sweat guide to Botox for hyperhidrosis

An approved Medicare provider explains the restrictions and what to watch out for
01 August 2018

About-face: Change to long-standing advice on acne drug

Patients taking oral isotretinoin do not need to avoid laser hair removal or other non-invasive skin treatments, according to new guidance
31 July 2018

Amid the hype, doctor declares: Don’t ditch the dermoscope

A leading dermatologist says a 15-year-old technology — not a new blood test — is still the most important tool for detecting skin cancer early
25 July 2018

GP allowed practice manager to suture and cauterise

A GP is under investigation for allowing her practice manager — a former dermatologist — to help her remove carcinomas
26 June 2018

Cheap diuretic as effective as antibiotics to treat female acne

The diuretic spironolactone should be used more often to treat acne because it is a safe and effective alternative to oral antibiotics, researchers say
14 June 2018