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Medical Must-See: His and hers hookworm

A Canadian couple has highlighted the dangers of walking barefoot on the beach after returning from the Dominican Republic with an unwanted holiday souvenir.
02 February 2018

Why you should consider insulin resistance in acne patients

Insulin resistance may be an overlooked treatable factor for patients with persistent acne, a leading dermatologist says.
23 November 2017

Skin darkening agents get a tanning from TGA

The TGA has issued an official warning against the use of injectable tanning agents because of their adverse effects.
06 November 2017

9 new findings on keratinocyte cancers

Despite being among the most commonly treated cancers in Australia, there has been surprisingly little data on rates of keratinocyte cancers until now.
16 October 2017

Early GP diagnosis still the key to melanoma

Despite the development of many expensive new therapies for melanoma, early diagnosis by GPs remains the key to improving survival rates, according to Melbourne dermatologist Dr Jeremy Banky.
13 October 2017

Childhood eczema linked to ADHD symptoms

Atopic dermatitis in childhood may lower the bar to developing ADHD, dermatologists say.
06 October 2017

Medical Must-See: Tattoo leaks into lymph nodes

A case in which a woman’s body art seeped into her lymph nodes and was mistaken for cancer has highlighted the dangers of tattoo ink, even decades later.
06 October 2017