Published Articles

GP screening cuts hip fractures by 28%

Primary care screening of older women can decrease hip fracture rates by 28%, a major UK trial has shown
20 December 2017

Medical Must-See: Traffic cone 'carcinoma'

When a 47-year-old ex-smoker presented with a persistent productive cough and malaise, doctors suspected lung cancer — but the true cause turned out to be child’s play
29 September 2017

GP registrars are ordering too many PSA tests

Researchers say targeted education may be needed.
07 September 2017

Silent AF has loud message for GPs

Data from primary care patients provides a strong case for annual opportunistic atrial fibrillation screening by GPs for all patients over 65, a leading cardiologist says.
04 September 2017

App beats eyeball test for newborn jaundice: study

A new app could transform neonatal screening for jaundice by allowing GPs to accurately estimate a newborn’s bilirubin levels using phone camera images.
01 September 2017

Doctors at odds over gut parasites

Infectious disease specialists have accused former AMA president Professor Kerryn Phelps of promoting unnecessary tests and treatment for gut parasites.
29 August 2017

Patients want their test results via text

Almost 80% of patients questioned in a Queensland survey would prefer a text message or mobile phone call to a face-to-face visit.
04 August 2017

Tattoo-linked lesion a dead ringer for SCC

Vigilance is needed for a skin lesion that may arise soon after someone has a tattoo and can be difficult to distinguish from SCC, dermatologists say.
28 July 2017

Cuff BP readings miss the middle

Measurements are inaccurate in the middle range of hypertension, an Australian-led study suggests.
26 July 2017

Cervical screening changes spark STI concerns

Early detection rates of STIs could slip with Australia’s imminent cervical screening changes unless new strategies are developed, says a reproductive expert.
26 July 2017