Published Articles

Second species of tick linked to meat allergy

There's a distinctly Australian flavour to this problem: expert
28 August 2018

Controversial salt intake study divides experts

Moderate sodium intake can protect against cardiovascular risk and death.
13 August 2018

Dieting for diabetes too difficult? Try this instead

A 5:2-style diet is just as good for glycaemic control as a conventional daily low-calorie regimen, Australian research shows
23 July 2018

Pete Evans accuses AMA of wanting to keep Australians unhealthy

Celebrity chef Pete Evans has accused the AMA of having an interest in keeping Australians unhealthy following calls for his controversial documentary promoting ketogenic diets as a treatment for autism and cancer to be pulled from Netflix.
04 June 2018

Food star ratings are actually fairly accurate, large audit concludes

They’ve come in for some bad press, but health star ratings are actually doing a fairly good job of defining what a nutritious packaged food is, a study reveals.
10 May 2018