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'I have nothing left to give': surgical registrar reveals why she gave up on her dreams

COMMENT: Dr Yumiko Kadota shares her story of how unsafe working hours have forced her to quit the specialty.
04 February 2019

Explainer: Will new mandatory reporting rules reassure GPs?

AusDoc speaks with Avant's Georgie Haysom on the legislation currently being considered in Queensland.
17 December 2018

GP widows speak out on suicide at emotion-charged meeting

'I was frustrated by platitudes and the fragmented approach used to support doctors.'
06 December 2018

Health minister backs softening of mandatory reporting

Federal Minister for Health Greg Hunt has pledged to tell the states to end mandatory reporting and change their laws in line with the WA model.
27 October 2017

'I will attend to my health': Historic change to doctors' oath

The addition was made after Australian and New Zealand doctors petitioned the World Medical Association to prioritise doctors' health.
17 October 2017

The Chloe Abbott story: It’s our turn to save lives, says family

The story of Dr Chloe Abbott, a junior doctor who took her own life in January, has prompted a much-needed conversation about mental health.
21 June 2017

If you recognise any of these 12 personality traits, it's time to slow down

'When, as doctors, we become slaves to endless to-do lists at the expense of our relationships, we stop enjoying our lives.'
03 June 2017

Mandatory reporting needs reform

'The laws were put together with the best of intentions, but fears over the regime are deterring vulnerable doctors from seeking help.'
03 June 2017

'Bullying, exam stress, burn-out. I still struggle to get up every day'

'I didn't see any future worth having, yet I didn't want to burden my hard-working parents with grief should I die. When I confided in my more senior registrar friends, they nodded knowingly.'
03 June 2017