Published Articles

Senior doctor suspended after sexual misconduct claims

Accusations against the doctor were aired in Queensland Parliament this week.
28 February 2019

New mandatory reporting law: what it means for you

Critics fear suicides will continue because impaired doctors may avoid reaching out.
27 February 2019

Abortion clinic staff wearing body cameras to deter attacks

They've been spat on and branded 'murderers'.
18 February 2019

'Confusing' mandatory reporting reform set for parliamentary vote

The reform recommended by a Queensland parliamentary committee has the AMA and College worried.
07 February 2019

Health minister weighs in after registrar's shocking blog

Hospital faces calls to review 'dangerous' working hours.
06 February 2019

Doctor claims police cover-up: After assaulting me, they took my phone and deleted the video evidence

Dr Kim Proudlove says she tried to help an injured man but officers stepped in, threw her to the ground and repeatedly punched her in the head.
22 January 2019

2018: The year in review

The controversies and injustices highlighted the importance of caring for doctors.
18 December 2018

Explainer: Will new mandatory reporting rules reassure GPs?

AusDoc speaks with Avant's Georgie Haysom on the legislation currently being considered in Queensland.
17 December 2018

GP widows speak out on suicide at emotion-charged meeting

'I was frustrated by platitudes and the fragmented approach used to support doctors.'
06 December 2018

'We doctors are hurting': AMA boss slams mandatory reporting law

Dr Tony Bartone says the proposed legislation will only have negative consequences.
05 December 2018