Published Articles

2018: The year in review

The controversies and injustices highlighted the importance of caring for doctors.
18 December 2018

Explainer: Will new mandatory reporting rules reassure GPs?

AusDoc speaks with Avant's Georgie Haysom on the legislation currently being considered in Queensland.
17 December 2018

GP widows speak out on suicide at emotion-charged meeting

'I was frustrated by platitudes and the fragmented approach used to support doctors.'
06 December 2018

'We doctors are hurting': AMA boss slams mandatory reporting law

Dr Tony Bartone says the proposed legislation will only have negative consequences.
05 December 2018

Mandatory reporting changes must go further, say doctors' health advocates

Doctors who treat doctors are disappointed at the legal ambiguity.
05 November 2018

After catastrophic injuries, Dr Steve is returning to general practice

Despite being left quadriplegic after a car accident, this GP is in no hurry to give up his work.
10 October 2018

Meet the former HCCC investigator calling for reform

'I remember thinking, what are we doing to this doctor?'
17 August 2018

'My world fell apart' - doctor describes her blind fear when AHPRA came knocking

Melbourne doctor appeals for a more humane reporting process.
16 August 2018

Sexual abuse in medicine? Yes, #UsToo

Why are doctors still afraid to speak out?
27 July 2018

Doctor takes his own life before documentary airs

A retired orthopaedic surgeon who featured on the hit television series You Can’t Ask That on Wednesday night took his life just weeks before the show went to air, according to an ABC statement
13 July 2018