Published Articles

Fears over naltrexone are unfounded, according to major review

Nevertheless, many doctors are reluctant to describe it over liver toxicity fears.
18 January 2019

Has the prison smoking ban actually worked?

Almost 75 per cent of people entering the prison system are smokers – six times the rate of the general population.
09 October 2018

Push to ban party sex drug divides doctors

The TGA wants alkyl nitrites to be classified as schedule 9.
05 October 2018

Australian lead poisoning cases linked to opium

GPs are being urged to ask about opium use in patients presenting with non-specific abdominal symptoms.
26 September 2018

DrinkWise pulls 'misleading' pregnancy warning posters from GP practices

The AMA has called for greater transparency from the alcohol industry to prevent 'undue influence'
29 August 2018

Breaking bad habits: old drug might curb new epidemic

Australian researchers are trialling a new take-home medication in a bid to curb the crystal methamphetamine epidemic.
17 July 2018

Australian guidelines on alcohol intake are too lax, landmark findings suggests

The threshold for risky alcohol consumption is even lower than that currently recommended in Australian guidelines, according to findings from a landmark study published in the Lancet.
13 April 2018

Photos show how prenatal alcohol changes infants' faces

Drinking even small amounts of alcohol in pregnancy can promote the development of facial features in infants that resemble fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, according to Victorian research.
07 June 2017

Troubled teens don’t outgrow suicide risk: study

Teenagers hospitalised for drug-, alcohol- or violence-related injuries continue to be at increased risk of suicide for the next decade, a study shows.
31 May 2017

Heroin vs oxycodone: Which causes the most overdoses?

Australian opioid users are three times more likely to overdose injecting heroin than oxycodone, a study shows.
26 May 2017