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Bill Glasson quiet on by-election challenge

Former AMA president Dr Bill Glasson is yet to declare whether he will contest Kevin Rudd's soon-to-be vacated Brisbane seat.
15 November 2013

Abbott announces health sector ministers

Prime Minister-elect Tony Abbott has appointed his new cabinet - so who will be manning the health sector ship?
17 September 2013

What's in the Coalition's health policy?

Australian Doctor takes a look at the main policies affecting GPs and the wider health system under a Coalition government.
10 September 2013

Glasson: I gave Rudd a kick in the pants

The doctor who failed in his attempt to unseat Kevin Rudd on Saturday says he still gave the former Prime Minister a “good kick in the pants”.
09 September 2013

What's in store for health under Abbott?

The new Federal Government is headed by a man who, when health minister, described himself as an incremental conservative. Political editor Paul Smith makes some predictions about what's on the way for GPs and the health system under the Coalition.
08 September 2013

It's nearly over: our top 6 election moments

You’ve got through the Federal election campaign, without self-medicating with Mogadon. But who are the winners and losers from this campaign?
07 September 2013

Are election claims on bulk-billing correct?

FactCheck: Were just 67% of GP visits bulk-billed when Tony Abbott was health minister? We take a look at the facts.
05 September 2013

In this election, size isn't everything

It has been wall-to-wall noise from the main political parties. But what about the smaller parties, such as the Smokers' Rights Party and the Pirate Party Australia, and their plans for health? We take a peep.
04 September 2013

Glasson ready to challenge the PM

Dr Bill Glasson has been on the campaign trail for six months as he vies for a rare political prize — the scalp of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.
29 August 2013

The big health debate - Plibersek v Dutton

Federal Health Minister Tanya Plibersek went head to head with her opposite number Peter Dutton in the big election health debate on Tuesday Our political editor Paul Smith joined the day-time TV watchers in search of enlightenment.
28 August 2013