Published Articles

Rural health commissioner gets a little closer

Legislation has been tabled to create a federal rural health commissioner to create a nationwide GP model for the bush.
14 February 2017

General practice is not the problem, says AMA

The head of the AMA says he is optimistic the Federal Government will lift its Medicare rebate freeze well before the next election.
22 July 2016

Sussan Ley is back and 'can't wait' to meet doctors

Reappointed Federal Health Minister Sussan Ley says she's ready to get down to some hard work with doctors across the country.
21 July 2016

Mediscare gets thumbs-up from Liberal senator

Labor’s so-called Mediscare campaign – dismissed as lies by opponents – has been dubbed “fabulous” by a Coalition senator.
06 July 2016

What was the point of the 'Mediscare'?

The events of the weekend leaves many of us thinking democracy is failing.
05 July 2016

What Barnaby Joyce got right

Deputy PM Barnaby Joyce predicted the election campaign would "absolutely knock the stuffing out of all of us... infuriate, bore, send people crazy". Seems he was right.
01 July 2016

Medicare freeze could cost EDs $230m

The Victorian Government is warning the Medicare freeze could increase the cost of the average ED presentation by $550 because patients delay visiting their family doctor.
01 July 2016

Doctors slam homeopathic ‘Health Party’ as misleading

Doctors are crying foul over the name of a party whose candidates promote homeopathic vaccination, natural therapies and non-fluoridated water.
29 June 2016

Labor's better for general practice, say 78% of GPs

As the Federal Election enters its final week, it looks as though Labor’s health policies are gaining the support of GPs.
28 June 2016

Coalition pledges more cash for Headspace

The number of Headspace centres will be increased as part of the Coalition’s $192 million pledge for mental health.
27 June 2016