Published Articles

NZ massacre: Outpouring of support from Aussie doctors

Tributes flow on social media for victims of terror attack that has left at least 50 dead and dozens injured.
18 March 2019

Is mandatory jail the best response to patient violence?

Last year's law change in Victoria means more health workers could be dragged into criminal trials.
07 March 2019

What emergency? Study placing GPs in ED produces impressive results

The findings contradict previous studies that only relied on data analysis.
28 February 2019

Black Saturday 10 years on: A GP's love story emerges from the ashes

Dr Lachlan Fraser lost his house and his practice in the bushfires, but gained a wife and daughter in the aftermath.
01 February 2019

'Disturbing': 250,000 hospitalised each year due to adverse reactions

The rate has changed little in 30 years despite campaigns to promote the safe use of medicines.
31 January 2019

Why 'old-school' antibiotics are fine in kids with UTIs

Most children presenting to an ED are given unnecessary intravenous treatment, study says.
09 November 2018

What to do when confronted with a car collision

A GP who worked with disaster response teams offers advice.
14 September 2018

Courageous GP wins bravery award for rescuing man from burning car

The Canberra doctor has been granted a Commendation for Brave Conduct.
24 August 2018

Immigration bureaucrats still undermining doctors despite Hamid Khazaei's death

GP Dr Sara Townend says it is only a matter of time before another tragedy.
22 August 2018

Medical Must-Hear: Listen to this boy's 'whistling cough'

The cause turned out to be more playful than pathogenic.
16 August 2018