Published Articles

Pills or patches: which increases blood clot risk in HRT?

Doctors advised to consider alternatives for women at risk of VTE.
10 January 2019

No evidence of benefit from thyroid replacement therapy

But younger patients should be considered on a case-by-case basis.
10 October 2018

Meet the doctor behind the vitamin D testing juggernaut

Dr Michael Holick sold an alleged pandemic in vitamin D deficiency
27 August 2018

Withdrawal of testosterone to affect thousands

The withdrawal from the market of a transdermal testosterone product will force about 2500 men to move onto alternative formulations within the next few weeks, an endocrinologist says.
15 November 2017

Vigilance urged for 'type 3' diabetes

It has a higher incidence in adults than type 1, new research demonstrates.
26 October 2017