Published Articles

Diabetes prescribing at odds with guidelines: study

But experts say it doesn't mean it's inappropriate.
28 February 2019

Money wasted on 'expensive' wound dressings: RACGP

The college wants new guidelines to counteract the effects of marketing.
25 February 2019

GDM threshold study shows high costs and little benefit

One major Australian hospital reported a 74% increase in women needing treatment.
16 January 2019

Hacked: how a GP created his own 'pancreas'

COMMENT: I’ve been living with diabetes for 25 years; this is the best thing that’s happened for me.
30 November 2018

Why patients on metformin need regular vitamin B12 screening

It's an under-appreciated issue in clinical practice, says expert.
28 November 2018

Bigger bubs are twice as likely to be obese kids

But gestational diabetes isn't the biggest indicator of childhood obesity, study shows.
22 November 2018

Patients hacking type 1 diabetes with DIY artificial pancreas

Basically, the closed-loop system just 'works', says leading endocrinologist.
15 November 2018

Exclusive: pharmacists screened 14,100 customers to identify 136 diabetes cases

EXCLUSIVE: Most pharmacies in screening trial touted by Greg Hunt failed to find any patients with type 2 diabetes.
08 November 2018

Hidden crisis: the hourly toll of diabetic foot loss

Amputation rates in Australia are among the highest in the OECD, say diabetes specialists.
03 October 2018

Is the lower GDM cut-off better after all?

New study adds fuel to the row over the criteria for diagnosing gestational diabetes.
24 September 2018