Rib fragility fracture increases mortality risk in the following year

But it falls back to normal after 2.5 years.
07 September 2018

Osteoporosis drug Protos withdrawn

The osteoporosis drug strontium ranelate (Protos) has been discontinued and patients will need to be transitioned to other therapies, clinicians have been told.
06 June 2017

Vitamin D supplements don't prevent fractures

They make no difference in rates of falls or fractures when taken by healthy older people, a New Zealand study shows.
04 May 2017

New osteoporosis guidelines for GPs

The first update in seven years clarifies recommendations on investigations and treatments.
18 March 2017

GPs urged to become osteoporosis champions

An endocrinologist is urging GPs to become “champions of change” to tackle undertreatment of osteoporosis-related fractures.
15 August 2016

Q&A: Vitamin D - how much is too much?

Higher doses of vit D may may increase the risk of falls, according to a new study. We spoke with falls expert Dr Nicholas Waldron about the surprising findings.
22 January 2016

PPIs link to osteoporosis and fracture risk

Australian researchers have urged caution over the use of PPIs in elderly women after finding a link to increased osteoporosis and fracture risk.
02 September 2015

Debate rages over vit D supplements

New recommendations for older people to take calcium and vitamin D supplements have triggered claims of conflict of interest.
13 August 2015

‘Safe sun’ exposure armistice reached

Peace has broken out between dermatologists and bone specialists regarding what constitutes healthy sun exposure.
28 July 2015