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Hospital leaves coalmine campaign after outcry from its doctors

A major hospital says it 'regrets' its public support for a new coal mine after its doctors complained they were embarrassed to be associated with the campaign.
02 August 2017

Doctors furious at their hospital's support for coal mine

"It reminds me of the days when doctors were used to promote cigarette smoking," says one.
27 July 2017

AMA president accused of 'wilful distortion' by colleague

The AMA president is accused of “wilful distortion” after saying the health impact of mass job losses at a Victorian coal-fired power plant should be balanced against the environmental benefits.
03 April 2017

Lead in tap water a potential health hazard

Lead levels in tap water may be a public health hazard, say researchers, who found that some households tested nine times the recommended limit.
17 August 2016

13 GPs recognised in Australia Day honours list

A GP who cared for survivors of the Boxing Day tsunami is one of 13 GPs recognised for their outstanding contribution to the community in the Australia Day honours list.
26 January 2016

Antarctic GP sees more penguins than patients

During her sabbatical at Mawson’s Huts in Antarctica, Hobart GP Dr Sally Hildred has six patients and close to 6000 penguins to oversee.
15 January 2016

8 drugs detected in Sydney Harbour

The happy but erratic behaviour of the fish in Finding Nemo might be explained by their exposure to antidepressants, opiates and benzodiazepines in the waters of Sydney Harbour, research suggests.
03 July 2015

New antibiotic - but is it a game changer?

The discovery of teixobactin, a new type of antibiotic, has been hailed as a major breakthrough in the fight against antibiotic resistance. But does the reality match the hype?
28 January 2015

New CSIRO boss wins Bent Spoon Award

The new boss of Australia’s largest research institute has won the country’s top award for “pseudoscientific piffle” after he claimed water divining was “close to 80% accurate”.
09 December 2014

'I would die for a whale': Sea Shepherd nurse

When not treating patients, general practice nurse Jools Farrell goes toe-to-toe with whalers as part of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society.
19 May 2014