Published Articles

Doctor claims police cover-up: After assaulting me, they took my phone and deleted the video evidence

Dr Kim Proudlove says she tried to help an injured man but officers stepped in, threw her to the ground and repeatedly punched her in the head.
22 January 2019

AHPRA lobby group distances itself from Universal Medicine

Dozens of health professionals are linked to the alternative organisation.
24 October 2018

Neurologist suspended for 'financially exploiting' dementia patient

He charged the patient for 78 consults in 87 days, at a cost of $25,265.
09 October 2018

'We're still open': HealthEngine ignores plea to change GP practice profile

'Vague' wording means some patients have jumped to the wrong conclusion 
19 September 2018

GP takes on insurers over medical record fishing

They should be banned from accessing full records, he tells Senate inquiry.
21 September 2017