Published Articles

CAM or scam? TGA reveals the claims that didn't make the cut

The regulator refused to endorse more than 3000 clinical indications, including many that claimed to treat serious conditions.
08 March 2019

Universal Medicine lawyers could face ombudsman over 'demeaning' letter

The timing of the letter seemed to intentionally coincide with their opponent's father's funeral, a judge said.
01 March 2019

No more 'open body orifices': TGA revamps CAM indications

Watchdog uses CAM experts for advice on dubious claims.
19 February 2019

The science is in: Aspirin for CVD primary prevention is out

Nevertheless, the practice is still widespread globally despite being controversial.
23 January 2019

Fake news: Aussie media 'misleading public' about sun safety

Readers often given unsafe sun exposure advice and encouraged to abandon sun safety practices, researchers say.
08 January 2019

GPs urged to prescribe omega-3 fatty acids in pregnancy

The call comes as a Cochrane review reports the supplements clearly lower the risk of preterm birth.
06 December 2018

Clonidine scripts for under-6s implicated in poisonings

It's not recommended for young children, but is prescribed anyway.
19 November 2018

Specialist linked to alleged cult resigns from doctors' lobby

The rheumatologist had written blog posts promoting Universal Medicine.
13 November 2018

Laser danger: Doctors slam 'risky' therapy for vaginal atrophy

Oestrogen cream is still the gold standard, according to an MJA article that says patients should avoid lasers.
05 November 2018

No evidence of benefit from thyroid replacement therapy

But younger patients should be considered on a case-by-case basis.
10 October 2018