Published Articles

GPs urged to prescribe omega-3 fatty acids in pregnancy

The call comes as a Cochrane review reports the supplements clearly lower the risk of preterm birth.
06 December 2018

Clonidine scripts for under-6s implicated in poisonings

It's not recommended for young children, but is prescribed anyway.
19 November 2018

Specialist linked to alleged cult resigns from doctors' lobby

The rheumatologist had written blog posts promoting Universal Medicine.
13 November 2018

Laser danger: Doctors slam 'risky' therapy for vaginal atrophy

Oestrogen cream is still the gold standard, according to an MJA article that says patients should avoid lasers.
05 November 2018

No evidence of benefit from thyroid replacement therapy

But younger patients should be considered on a case-by-case basis.
10 October 2018

Cochrane: Here's why we gave our co-founder his marching orders

Collaboration cites ongoing disruptive behaviour and personal views presented as Cochrane conclusions.
27 September 2018

Concerns patients will misinterpret ASPREE trial results and ditch aspirin

Plea to doctors: Ensure your patients understand whether the study findings are applicable to them or not.
25 September 2018

Cochrane in crisis: co-founder expelled, four more resign

Professor Peter G√łtzsche had criticised Cochrane's HPV vaccine review.
18 September 2018

Universal Medicine leader sues over 'harmful cult' claims

The former client is defending herself on the grounds of truth and honest opinion.
05 September 2018

10 bad pharmacy products revealed

Bad medicine: Choice names and shames the products that nobody needs.
14 August 2018