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GP told to stop post-mortems after bungled reports

A doctor has been told he should be banned from performing post-mortem examinations after his "manifestly inadequate" autopsy reports made it impossible to identify the cause of death.
21 April 2016

Carbon dating reveals kidney stones are decades in the making

A pioneering Australian nuclear scientist has used carbon dating to reveal that kidney stones may grow for two decades or more before they cause symptoms.
02 October 2015

Do you own a human skeleton?

Poll: Police are telling doctors to take any unwanted medical skeletons to their local station rather than dump them in the bin, warning this could spark a homicide investigation.
17 December 2014

Sydney hospitals treat siege casualties

Three people are dead and six more, including two pregnant women, have been taken to hospital after a 16-hour siege in the centre of Sydney involving a lone gunman and 17 hostages.
17 December 2014

Shackled to their beds

When Adelaide psychiatrist Professor Norman James found hospital patients chained arm and leg, he knew he had to do something.
10 September 2012

Sick prisoners shackled to hospital beds

A woman in labour and a man with terminal motor neurone disease were shackled to their hospital beds, a report into SA’s prison service finds.
01 August 2012