Published Articles

Enterovirus linked to coeliac disease

Uncovering the trigger factors for those prone to the disease could inform future preventative strategies, say experts.
20 February 2019

Landmark study links DAAs to better survival in hep C patients

The results counter an inflammatory Cochrane review that questioned the drugs, say gastroenterologists.
13 February 2019

Medicare Taskforce unveils 'once-in-a-lifetime' colonoscopy offer

Patients must meet strict new criteria to get the MBS item for free.
26 October 2018

Gastric banding offers sustained weight loss 'for up to 20 years'

Obese patients lose an average of 30kg following surgery, researchers say.
24 October 2018

Beware: This parasite mimics IBD symptoms

There’s a serious risk if you’re mistaken and the patient is treated with steroids
21 September 2018

Negative colonoscopy means FOBT can be delayed for four years

Simultaneously, a new clinical guide aims to standardise hospital reports to GPs.
20 September 2018

Proposed PPI restrictions scrapped after doctor backlash

No endoscopies necessary for repeat scripts of standard doses.
19 September 2018

Hospitals told to deliver better colonoscopy feedback for GPs

Calls for information on all histological findings and recommended follow-up.
10 September 2018

Alarming drop in hep C patients on antivirals

The number of patients with hepatitis C being treated with antiviral therapy has dropped alarmingly, according to Hepatitis Australia
24 July 2018

Allow GPs to refer for Medicare-funded CT colonography, say radiologists

Radiologists are calling for a revamp to allow GPs to refer patients for CT colonography under Medicare in order to cut colonoscopy waiting lists
10 July 2018