Published Articles

Enterovirus linked to coeliac disease

Uncovering the trigger factors for those prone to the disease could inform future preventative strategies, say experts.
20 February 2019

Australian Doctor wins journalism award

It's one of more than a dozen Press Club awards in the past decade.
11 January 2019

Pregnant pause: Big shift in advice for GPs to give mums-to-be

Cell-free DNA screening is now an acceptable first-line test.
22 August 2018

Is the Senate about to sign off three-parent IVF?

If the Senate committee this week recommends introducing mitochondrial replacement therapy, the hope is that the procedure will become available within two or three years
26 June 2018

BRCA tests will be added to the MBS: Here's what it means for GPs

BRCA genetic tests for breast and ovarian cancer are to be added to the MBS from 1 November.
12 October 2017

5 things patients say about antidepressants

Patients with depression often try multiple antidepressants in a trial and error approach to find one that works, new data show.
21 August 2017

20-year study quantifies the true cancer risk of BRCA genes

The breast and ovarian cancer risks of faulty BRCA genes have been clarified, enabling doctors to better advise patients.
22 June 2017

The $6400 question as retail genome sequencing launches in Australia

The Garvan Institute has started offering sequencing that looks at variants of 230 genes linked to a slew of diseases.
20 June 2017

Warning over direct-to-consumer genetic tests

GPs can expect increasing numbers of inquiries from patients wanting advice after ordering direct-to-consumer genetic tests, Australian experts say.
17 June 2017

Diagnosing rare diseases is about to get easier

Identifying rare diseases is often a "diagnostic odyssey", says Dr Zornitza Stark from the Victorian Clinical Genetics Service. But the use of genomic sequencing is set to change all that.
10 June 2017