Published Articles

Dementia prevalence on the decline in over-65s

Public health measures may explain the 'significant' drop in the disease for both men and women, say researchers.
20 March 2019

Alzheimer's disease link to HRT downplayed

Women using long-term hormone therapy have a slightly higher chance of developing the neurodegenerative disease, say researchers.
13 March 2019

Dogs unleash injury risk on older walkers

It seems taking a dog for a walk in the park is, well, no walk in the park - especially for women.
12 March 2019

GPs can now claim higher call-out fees for aged care

The rebate boost also comes with new items for each patient equivalent in value to the MBS items for standard consultations.
01 March 2019

GPs 'pressured' to sedate aged care residents

The RACGP hits back at claims GPs are 'stupefying' their patients.
18 January 2019

Hospitalisations of over-75s 'never preventable' under proposed new PPH indicator for GPs

Primary care quality would instantly improve by 33% per cent under the changes.
08 October 2018

Low-dose aspirin no help for CVD in healthy seniors

No major protective effect but there is increased risk of bleeding.
17 September 2018

Rib fragility fracture increases mortality risk in the following year

But it falls back to normal after 2.5 years.
07 September 2018