Published Articles

Junior doctors go cold on GP training

And the Medicare freeze is to blame, says former RACGP president Dr Liz Marles.
13 March 2019

GP registrars 'should not have to treat colleagues'

GPRA says 85% of registrars have been made to treat a colleague.
11 March 2019

GP training chief sacked after financial probe

The investigation focused on links between the RTO and another organisation run by its CEO.
27 February 2019

Pressure builds for reform on 'voiceless' unaccredited registrars

Public hospitals are allegedly exploiting a shortfall in training positions by overworking junior doctors desperate for good references.
21 February 2019

Explainer: Why pay talks between GP registrars and supervisors collapsed

Analysis: GPRA has a more ambitious agenda in mind.
31 October 2018

Most GP registrars happy at work, survey reveals

But some are dissatisfied with the support of their regional training organisations.
21 August 2018

Registrars failing to cut back on benzo scripts

Trainees still prescribing benzodiazepine despite moves to curb the practice.
15 August 2018

Computer failures cause widespread delays in GP exam

The RACGP is apologising to exam candidates after a string of computer failures caused widespread disruption to fellowship exams around the country over the weekend.
17 July 2018

Foretold: The GP registrars most likely to fail fellowship exams

Researchers say they may be able to predict which GP registrars are most likely to fail fellowship exams before they even start their vocational training
18 June 2018