Published Articles

Fifth time lucky? Revamp of practice incentives delayed again

The long-promised reform has now been pushed back to August.
19 March 2019

'I quit': Serious concerns over MBS review leads to resignation

Ex-RANZCOG president has walked out on the increasingly besieged task force.
23 January 2019

NDIS use of paper forms is wasting GPs' time, says college

GPs have to copy information from electronic records into hard-copy forms.
21 January 2019

SURVEY CLOSED: Are sub 40-minute care plans legit?

Medicare task force suggests a 40-minute time limit to stop rorts.
10 January 2019

2018: The year in review

The controversies and injustices highlighted the importance of caring for doctors.
18 December 2018

RANZCOG responds to GP concerns about shared care

GP obstetricians are the 'ultimate continuity of care providers'.
04 December 2018

'National interest' test for ARC grants has top medical researchers alarmed

Professors Peter Doherty and Ian Frazer say 'national interest' must be defined.
31 October 2018

Rural incentives make no difference to GP numbers: study

If there is a change, it's among newly qualifed GPs, economists say
31 August 2018

Why the NDIS wobbles are troubling doctors

Five years on, there's a steady stream of worrying stories
07 August 2018

Off the record: My Health Record report disappears after department's complaint

It would have been ironic had the Parliamentary Library report on My Health Record fallen victim to a computer glitch, but its disappearance from the internet seems to be more a battle over 'fake news'
27 July 2018